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Trap Nation

5SOS - Teeth Remix on Trap Nation


Blessed to be back on Trap Nation with my remix of "Teeth" by 5SOS ❤️ So excited for this one together with my buddy Unread 🔥 Huge thanks to David and Andre for the support!! 🌟


Suit of Bullets

Despotem & Tim Beeren - Let You Go


A brand new collab together with Despotem and Svniivan. The track combines Trap with an very unique and catchy melody.


Dusk till dawn

Maroon5 - Cold remix on Trap Nation


"This song will never get old for me, I just love Adam's voice and the lyrics are so catchy it's ridiculous! Despotem and Tim Beeren did a hell of a job adding more energy and danceability to this record, going to be listening to this on the daily!" ~ Trap Nation


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