Tim Beeren

Tim Beeren

DJ & Producer

Tim Beeren is a 18 years old producer based in the Netherlands. At an age of 11 he get's in touch with electronic dance music for the first time. His parents bought a DJ-set for his birthday to experience with DJ'ing. Within that year, Tim learnt a lot about the technical skils of a DJ.

After playing some events, he wanted to add some own tracks to his set. His dad found a program for producing music on the computer by accident. They thought the program could play some samples within your set.

After getting introduced to producing music, he never stoped. He loves the creativity which comes by making music. In this time he made a lot of records he never released.

2019 is the year where Tim Beeren is starting a new chapter. In this year he is going to release a lot of singles, collaborations and official remixes.

Do you want to collab? Send me a concept to work on!

I love to work with some new talents in the music industry! If you've got a great project to work on, send it to me!

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